Two small bugs or simply two changes I noticed

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Darfari Sword/Axe/Maul recipe is missing near chest Thats East-ish of Riverwatch’s Camp.
Not sure if you moved it… havent found it yet in a new spot. They still drop rarely, so they still exist.

Top of Wells of Skelos, (not in dungeon, but world map) two of chest on top are missing.
Not sure if intended. (one was large chest with gold/silver and other was basic large chest.

They did move the bone for the Darfari recipes I think it’s in the dregs now but I’m not certain.

They removed all the chests I knew of in the volcano. They added new ones in the new instance that more than makes up for them.

Meh… climbing the full tower and finding “nothing” now is worse then them added else were.

Theres mountains you climb and go… “darn” and its ok. But up there, that was one of those, yays! and Oh snaps LOOTs!!!


Hey @Sera67

The volcano area has been reworked and stuff in it shuffled around. We’re sorry to hear you don’t like it :frowning:

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The bone is on a bench in the dregs camp. If you enter from the river, it is on the left side at the first or second tent.


Hey Ignasis,

I LOVE the reworked Volcano. Sure the mobs have taken a hit (I still think for the work I put into fighting them they should be Sepemaru named strength though), but the spawn rates are much more fun now. I like the emissaries that fight popping up. I admit I tried to see if it was a thrall but 20 hits with a truncheon told me otherwise. :smiley: Still lots of fun! I love the name Kisthis Fleshtearer. He’s my Vathis replacement, so no hard feelings over the Vathis deaths. (except the short warning that I was at work during). I like the fact the scorps are gone. My only true complaint on the volcano is the mob party trying to get in and out of the Well. I pretty much wrote the Well off and even destroyed my connection to it. Cheers, I do appreciate the changes. It keeps us on our toes and forces us to re-explore.

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