Two updates so far. Still the logos at the start are un-skippable

Are they not aware of it, or they simply think forcing players to watch those logos’ playing is honestly a good idea as its pure?


If you use the Steam version, on your computer go to:
C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Mutant Year Zero\ZoneUE4\Content\Movies
(If you have Steam on partition D use “D” and so on.)
Delete all movie files, leave the .tmp file in the folder.
Done. No logos when starting the game.

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will deleting the videos cause issues for future game updates?

I know that trick. I’m stating that I cannot understand the developer’s thoughts of logos should not be skippable.

Just because there is a way to exploit or fix the game issue with third party trick and such, does not that mean such issue is not a problem to the game.

They should aware of this and should fix this.

I’m guessing they’re being payed to have those logos there.

That could be the case, seeing how all the moderators around here are not aware of it as well.

I had no problems with this ad hoc fix so far.

This isn’t actually a bug, but something that was added to hide loading times. If the logos weren’t there you’d be staring at a black screen for 30 seconds instead. We have reported this to the developers and they are looking into a solution. :slight_smile:


Nobody says it’s a bug, but rather annoying and flawed feature.
And I know for a fact they’re not for hiding load times. I use this hot fix that Simularcrum posted, and the load time was the same with, or without the logos playing.

I understand that :slight_smile: It’s been reported to the dev team

Just for reference I don’t enjoy watching the logos either (especially as I have to see them 50 times a day sometimes) :disappointed_relieved:, but there is a good reason for them being there and its not to do with money. We will look into making them skippable, I shall talk with the coders tomorrow morning. Thanks /Mark


Just qurious, what is the reason for the non-skippable logos if it’s not marketing/money or hiding the loading times? I’m genuinely interested, not griping.

Thanks for looking into it!

10 days and another two updates later, still unskippable. Please tell me you guys did look upon on this…

Please do not necro threads that are close to two weeks old. We realize that this is still a hot topic for some players, and if there is news about it we will post an update :slight_smile: