Ultimate Bracelet Pull: Rebirth as server-exportable object

Imagine you wanted to leave a server with as much personal worth as you can carry.
Consider a thrall with our full capacity on its body, knocked unconscious, trained, and now presentable as an object.

What would you think, after you end-game remove your bracelet, you become a humanoid npc object in the world with all your items on your body?

At this point, you would be thrallable, so a teammate could capture you and train you on the wheel. This container could theoretically be exported, and then injected into a new server.


Can’t work. Player would be too weak to be a thrall.

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Here’s what I love about your idea: making the end-game bracelet removal something more than “it’s been fun, but I’m done here” :stuck_out_tongue:

I also love the idea of that producing a unique NPC that can be captured and turned into a thrall.

There are a few aspects that are unclear, though, so I would hope you could clarify them:

  • What does the thrall retain? Your armor and weapons? Your attributes and perks? The rest of your inventory?
  • How does the thrall compare to other thralls? Is it just as weak as a normal player? Is it buffed up to “normal” thrall levels?
  • Where does it spawn? How often? Can there be more than one on the same server? Can there be an indefinite number of them or is it capped?
  • What do you mean by “injected into a new server”? Does that mean importing the unique NPC or are you proposing the ability to import it as a player you can play?

I haven’t done the end-game myself, but I’ve seen a few movies. Among the most moving images was one provided by @Shadoza with his pet in the background as the character walks into the desert.

My thought was perhaps the player removes the bracelet – then the things that happen next – then his NPC is left at the edge of the desert. Limited time, though, say only until server restart. All his armor, weapons, etc… Just as if he were logged off.

I suspect all the toon’s attributes, health values and other items could be included in the data. After all, this needs to be able to allow server owners to have an easily-exportable character manifest, that could then be later imported into another server. The more character data the better.

We don’t always suffer from exploits. It’s not breaking any news to state that some of what we suffered in months past was due to code injection. That’s been hardened now, so accomplishing what I propose would need to be enabled by the developers. Learning from the attempted intrusion, it looks as though there are way to inject useful code into an admin-enabled, receptive database. I would propose injecting the Enthralled Character or “character manifest” into a blank, new character on another server.

Alternatively, concussing, training and deploying would be a really fun way to preserve exiting characters. My suggestion would be to make them Artisans that can be preserved as they are, on a bench. This would be a great, and convenient way to transfer booty.

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