Ultimate level 80 bundle

Ok so if your buying this with funcom points do you buy it on 1 character then make another and use it or how does it exactly work does anybody know ?

This purchase allows you to boost a single new character straight to level 80 . After completing character creation you will be given the option to make your newly created character at level 80. Note: All items are spawned on your newly created level 80 character." age of conan ultimate level 80 bundle - Google Search

So you buy it on one character and it goes against your account. Once you create a new character right before it asks if you’re totally done and want to go into the game world it’ll ask if you want the character to be a level 1 or level 80.


This is a good explanation for this bundle.

I think the bundle is extremly overprized…

But there is a sale on steam right now!

You can buy it from a keyseller for under 30€, it’s much to expensive on steam.

93€ for things for 1 character = madness