Issues with the level 80 bundle from Steam

Greetings, I purchased the level 80 bundle, steam added it, I don’t get the option at the end of character creation.
Read all the posts regarding the same issue so:
-tried several times erasing and remaking characters, logging out entirely then back in.
-pick Crom server.
-did not pick unconquered.
-followed the customization to the very end.

Never get the option to make a level 80 character alongside the other two options of the enter prompt, worries me because I also bought one for a friend and thinking they will also have issues (not to mention we were going to buy the expansions but now feel a bit deterred).
Will appreciate if someone could help me out, thanks in advance!

That person completed the procedure of adding the key you find in steam to your age of conan account to correctly unlock the content.

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Ohhh dang it, I saw your reply late, would have saved me time going around the web, thank you very much!!! You are a savior none the less!

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