Ultimate Level 80 Bundle

I made a purchase on steam-Ultimate Level 80 Bundle. Character slot I have available.Created a new character.Barbarian.But after character creation, there was no button to make that character 80 lvl.Help me solve this problem. I bought the goods but received nothing…

In order for the thing to update on your account, you need to log off the game completely. Back to the Username/Pw input screen.

Then it should be there after you create your character.

Hope this helps

Just checking that you are trying to make the character on the Crom or Fury servers. (Not on Saga of blood - this is a special temporary server where everyone starts from level one - the ultimate 80 bundle can not be used there).

Created a character on the Crom server. The character is not on the Saga server.Completely out of the game.Nothing has changed on entering.

Its easy to miss the option to make the character level 80. When you have made the char and given it a name and click Log in or something similiar, you get a pop up to confirm. On that pop up there is the option to log in and make the char 80.


Dreadh is correct, the option to start at level 80 will be the very last one available during character selection. Please make sure you’re following character creation to the end, and double-check that you aren’t trying to create your character on the Saga of Blood server.

If you still aren’t able to create a new character at 80, I would recommend submitting an in-game petition or contacting us through mail at funcom.com/help so we can take a closer look for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, guys.Character LVL 80 is not created.I contacted by mail funcom.com/help . I wish you all a merry Christmas!

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