Problem mit account?

I have the following problem

I bought the game on Steam
my account is at funcom
Now I have bought the DLC at steam
Age of Conan: Unchained - Ultimate Level 80 Bundle DLC
Now I want to create a lvl 80
but this did not work?

What can I do ?

Have you tried logging in the game with your account and password you use for the funcom site? Maybe that works, not sure been a few years since I linked everything up

How can I connect my age of conan accaout with Steam?

Found an old thread- maybe will help

Click the Blue Link Account to steam log in

good luck

OK, you should have gotten a code from the Steam purchase of the Lvl 80 bundle.

Using your Age of Conan login info log into your account at : Funcom - Account Management

After you log in and get to your account page, on the left at the top is a box with key registration over it. Enter the key you got from Steam in that spot and activate it.

Once that’s done you’ll be able to log into the game and create a new character. At the VERY END of the new character creation it’ll ask if you want to create a lvl 1 character or a lvl 80 character and then you’ll get a final confirmation box with the characters name, race, class and level. Click confirm and you’ll go into the game with your new character.

No offer found for given key
Check that you have typed it correctly
Please contact Customer Support for further assistance

I always get this message when I enter the key
I saw him at steam

did you link your steam account to your game account ?


how do I do that ?

i remember doing that once on a test account, but i don’t remember more =(