Unable to build a ceiling that existed moments ago

So I was adjusting my roof and nothing would snap do I deleted a ceiling tile to replace it and see if that worked then I immediately couldn’t replace it. “Building here will block your spawn point” it says. Got a little mad and now I have no roof at all :confused: I’m aware of the stability system but the adjacent pieces are all at 100 stability. Can someone please at least explain to me what’s going on? Am I crazy? Dumb? Or vindicated in my insanity? :heart:

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Maybe there is something that as overlaped with the ceiling after it was placed, then when the ceiliing got removed it cant be placed again, may a picture could help, it happens very often to me.

That sounds like your bed or bedroll is close to that. You may have to move it first.


It is definitely your bed or bedroll, like @arthurh3535 said.

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I removed all beds and bed rolls

Hello everyone!

Please submit your bug report with the provided template so we may assist you.

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