Ceiling tile won't snap

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Single player/Co-op
Region: Europe
Hardware: Xbox series X

Bug Description:

Ceiling unable to snap in place on a symmetrical building. It snaps on 3 sides, but not the 4th.

Expected Behavior:

The ceiling to snap into place like on the other sides

Steps to reproduce


I presume, that the new system for building stability gets confused

I’ve had to rebuild about 20% of the house from the bottom up, because one of the foundations glitched out and showed only “red stability” despite being on the lowest level on even ground.

Those Stable Pieces (with pillars and opening) Do not have connect points like other pieces.

It was brought up when Stable parts came out, (really hard to make proper stables, since they offer no support(stablity?) They’ve never come back to them to fix it.

You need other pieces around it for stability, I tend to break few other parts down, or find way to add wall some else. Sucks cause it’ll work one side, by time you get to other end, how math works out, it’ll never have enough.

It be nice if they fixed that piece…

It didn’t snap even after i removed those stable pieces.

Like i said, i had to rebuild parts of the house to get it fixed