Unable to harvest and NO NPC are spawning

Game mode: [Online | NOmansland PvE-C PS4
Problem: [| Bug | ]
Region: [EU]

My server went down and I had to restart it many times now,
All setting went to normal that’s fixed
Now we are unable to harvest and there are no NPCs or animals to hunt

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I’ve noticed this issue as well on single player where NPCs(at seppermeru or volcano), albino lizards in The Dregs, won’t spawn. Have to save and exit in the area to fix it most of the time.

myself and other Admins spent hours to remove big and unused buildings thinking this will sort it but still no NPCs spawning on map to hunt or animals even the dungeons are bare of NPCs still unable to harvest / collect any thing its like every thing is gone and is on isolating,
the bug even allows any one to open building doors that dont belong to them and interact with all exp their thralls and pets,

I have sent a ticket but no answer as of yet …

Does any one have any advice to assist me

I ended up doing a wipe and start fresh :frowning: two days wasted got no response from G-portal

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Is your server running properly since the wipe? I have had a PS4 gportal server heading on 2 years now have not seen this happen. I have had the respawn rate to high before but not a lack of spawning.

Hello @Medcal, the described issues seem to be related to a corrupt database, when you say that your server went down do you mean that it crashed or was there an interruption of service from the server provider?

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@Hugo It crashed and I had to restart it, and ever since it was like it was on a pause

@sestus2009 its running well now, just a shame people have to start again and the 2 days lost cos of it all

Did you try to load an older savegame through G-Portal’s Basic Settings page?

As a preventive measure for dealing with database corruption, we’d recommend periodically creating manual backups of your server through G-Portal’s web interface:

@Hugo yes and even my back up was gone too

We’ll reach out to you privately to request further information on this issue.

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