Unable to place explosives in Siptah to get starmetal

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online private)]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ North America ]
Mods?: [ No ]

Bug Description:

Unable to place explosives near fallen meteor in Spitah at LOC TeleportPlayer -29881.474609 25658.402344 -16810.822266

Outside of the actual inner tower area.

Expected Behavior:

To be able to place the craftable explosives on the ground next to a meteor.

Steps to Reproduce:

Try to place an explosive near the meteorite.

Have you tried using explosive arrows instead?

I’m doing a no slaving run, which means I’m only rescuing thralls from cages. I have not gotten one workbench thrall.

I don’t understand how that would prevent you from making and using explosive arrows?

Explosive arrows might be doable, but the fire orbs require a T3 Alchemist. I’m not sure of the requirement for the fire arrows. That might be one way, but a very annoying work around.

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Yeah you def don’t need a thrall for arrows mate. Frustrating work around but it might be your only way other than farming chests and enemies for orb drops, which would be far worse lol

I don’t believe you need orbs for explosive arrows. Dragon powder+iron arrow + tar + feather I believe. get 10 per when crafting. 1 arrow for meteor.

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