Unable to start AO

Hello, after installing the game it launches on the login page and password and nothing happens the orange bar loads and at the end come back on password and username, I don’t even have the possibility to create a new character.
I already tried to install it several times, disconnect the antivirus, firewal nothing happens.
If anyone could help me thank you.
Config Ryzen 1300x, gtx 1050, 8g of rams, windows 10 64.

As stupid as it sounds, this also happens from time to time on one of my accounts.
I have a long password with this and if i type in the password too fast, i end up like you with the loading bar, but nothing happens.
I got used to it that for this specific account i type in the password slowlier than usual and can always get right in.
I’m not sure if this would help you, but i would give it a try. It took me some time to figure out and is indeed a weird behaviour.

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Thank you for your answer but it doesn’t change anything.

Not trying to logon to 2019 with a Froob acct? I do that too much :woozy_face:

Mod Edit: Removed “Solution” check from the other comment since you’re saying it didn’t work.

Sounds similar to a timeout issue that I get occasionally, but in case it doesn’t resolve itself:

Where are you connecting from? (EU/US etc)
What speed is your connection? (predicted and actual)
Are you using a sub or froob account?
Can you confirm if your account is active on the funcom account site?
Can you login with another computer?
Can you login with another account?