Unable to start "To Catch A Thief" Templar faction quest

My character (faction rank 12) has not received any message to start the quest, and there is no icon to interact with, neither in the Templar HQ nor on the yellow screen in Agartha. Anyone know how to fix this?

Hello there!!

Since you’ve mentioned the Activities: Paragon board, it sounds like you’re looking for “To Catch a Thief” in Secret World Legends. Upon reaching 450 Item Power you will find the mission in the form of “Rogue Agent” at the Activities: Paragon boards in Agartha alongside the other two Faction Ranking Missions you’ve already completed.


Thanks :smiley: I’m at 438, I’ll be able to check it out soon then


Worked, finally :sweat_smile: thanks for the support :pray: :top:

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