Unable to use Delving Bench

Hi please help I’m unable to use delving bench. Unable to place anything in it! It gives me a message - you are not allowed to place items in this container?! Already removed bench and dismantled and same happening

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not much detail provided, so i may be basing my response on missing information. I do not recall seeing this issue.

Are you playing solo/single player?
If so, did you learn the plan for the bench and craft it or just admin spawn one without learning the required feat?
If you just spawned one in without the feat, I suggest that may be the issue.

If that is not applicable and you did learn the feat and craft the bench, what were you trying to place in the bench? As far as i know, only armor, weapons, and refined Eldarium need to or can go into the delving bench. Only gear above a certain level will delve (most hardened steel weapons or above for instance).

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