Unclaim foundations

It would be really really helpful if we could unclaim structures.

The way I envision this feature would be this: You look at an foundation, use the command, and then every foundation, every wall, every ceiling, every decoration, etc. That has a contact line to this foundation is highlighted. You can then abort or confirm.

Upon confirmation, it does no longer belong to you. After that, someone else can claim the structure the same way.


This is a very nice idea: This way if we wanted to we could unclaim bases we no longer use and let someone else have them…

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This could be a way to give people who leave a clan back their buildings.
There are a number of problems I could see with it if anyone in the clan could access this function … but it could be restricted to clan leader or officer.
The unclaimed buildings could then go into a decay state and if not claimed by anyone then disappear like other decayed structures.