Undead Follower died for no reason

Online private PVE Server
Follower decay timer set to 30 days.

Last time i was online on the server was a few days ago (about four, maybe five).
Today i saw, that my undead thralls died. All of the others „living thralls“ are still alive.
Can‘t find any server settings that gives a hint they have another decay timer.

If I understand things correctly, Zombie followers expire after a certain time.

I hope that helps.

Zombies are temporary followers by design, they have a 48 hour fixed lifespan.

Their only relation to the decay timer is that if your server has thrall decay completely turned off, then zombies will also last indefinitely, however if you have ANY decay timer set for thralls, then zombies will die in 48 hours regardless of whether you log in or not.

There is a server setting that you can try in the configuration. I have not tried this, I just saw that a variable exists for it.
ThrallSummonLifespanMultiplier so if you try it maybe you can report back whether it works or not :slight_smile: (provided your PS hosting service allows you to edit config files directly, no idea whether that’s the case)

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Thanks for your answers. I was just wondering because i got them for several weeks. The didn‘t decay for that long time. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I do not rent the server, so i am not able to change some settings but i will ask the owner.

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Maybe they just recently turned on thrall decay specifically for this purpose?

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