Undergate Discovery Location - Dungeon not working

Game mode: Testlive Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
I found the Undergate and The location is not popping that you have found it. Secondly, there is no way to get past the gate. Interacting with it does nothing.

Also occurring on PS4 as of 07/24/18

Oh oh, I just found that in SP and it was working fine. Now I am worried about getting the test live to live and breaking it.

My guess is that they fixed it already. It is an exit for the black keep.

Current Test Live is an update or two behind Live. We should be getting a new Test Live build in the next few days.

16th based on the schedule they posted.

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16th is the target for the pet taming build. This week is for bug fixes. :grin:


I actually have never tried to leave via the under gate. I thought it was one-way in for some reason.

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