Underground Bases


Yup, that’s essentially what would be required. Rebuilt from the group up completely, and completely changing the dynamic of the game. PvP as it is now would be gone, with who knows what to replace it. Basically, it’s not something that could be done in a month, or two, or 6, but an entirely different game basically.


It’s all a fantasy idea anyway. I don’t know if it’d actually work, and it seems like a lot of work.


If you want good voxel-based sandbox castle building, check out Medieval Engineers. It’s still in early access though.

In my most recent build, I dug huge rooms deep into a mountain valley, and simultaneously received the stone resources to continue construction.

The only things the game really needs is decent NPCs and AI. Currently there are only deer and generic barbarians. It’s why I started to play CE.


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