Terraforming & Tunnel Building


I really believe that if you are able to find a way to make it that the player can use a shovel And Pick too Terraforming & Tunnel Building That can collapse and cave-in and even flood if not properly supported or maintained or if they dig into a area with a heavy quantity of water In order to get Materials like iron & steel & gold & silver & brimstone & crystal and even build underground but the more you stay under ground the more you start to suffer From some kind of dbuff that will in the long run will end up killing the player if they do not come above ground to get more food and Supplies and sunlight but too make sure that people don’t have to worry about Abandoned tunnels & mines & and underground bases every were you can and a environmental feature That adds Massive underground earthquakes that Causes cave-ins And even make it to where the sandstorm causes sand and dirt to build up in the player made Tunnels and caves That starts refill fill in thePlayer made tunnels . And the terraformed landscape that the if not maintained every three days starts to return to the way it was so that way if you were to be a player that wuss to live underground that you would be required to be on more and maintain your base&cave& tunnels & entry points constantly so it doesn’t cave in and destroy everything and refill and reset the change to land and that way people don’t have to worry about players greeting people by building underground bases that people cannot get into Because the entry would just be a regular gateway or a regular door depending on the size of the entrance So people could break into it but all the items required to repair the special terraforming gates and doors for your tunnels for materials mostly found on the surface so regardless the person Hass to come out or the whole tunnel collapses Because all the materials used to maintain the tunnels in caves are located above ground and just make it to where you cannot dig underneath peoples bases Unless you’re really deep below the ground but if you start to dig up to the surface to Close beneath someone’s base or claimed land it will not allow you to dig that direction I believe that if you were able to some how Integrate some kind of mechanic that allows that to be done in the game that A lot of new players and older players would really enjoy the new challenges and possibilities that could offer and bring to the game for example besides having the mechanic where you can get resources from mineing into the actual Ground and mountains to get certain resources in a more realistic and exciting way you could also in areas like the desert were it’s almost no water at all you can make it that players can dig to a certain point in Pacific spots on the map to find Water what is Connected to the rivers and streams Leaks through underground water channels And for another example if a person wanted to create a mot around there base they would be able to dig a trench a round it and fill it up with water by transporting water from Water sources by using pots and bowls and jugs And buckets And if it’s something you cannot add into the game as the game is right now maybe adding it into a future version of the game or create a new server Type that runs A completely new version of the game that includes Terraforming & Tunnel Building the same way the game Life is Feudal Dus Because personally I do know a lot of gamers really enjoy games that allow them to Terraform the land & do Tunnel Building

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Impossible on UE4. No Mesh is solid just outside 3D mesh with textures.


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