Imagine the wonders of digging

I already see all the awful exploits that would come from this but imagine if we could dig. Pits, basements, tunnels, whatever. Gathering mats on the way, maybe finding items randomly. I know what you’re thinking, “but they’ll dig under my walls and molest my base :sob:” . And? “But this defeats the purpose of walls”, no no, you see, one of the huge drawbacks of digging is the time it takes to dig, and the large amounts of worthless dirt filling your inventory, can they dig under your walls? Sure. Will they want to? Probably not. It also basically traps the individual digging. They are halfway through tunneling under the base, you spot the hole, where are they going to go? Not through you. The main purpose would be for more ways to gain resources, new resources, possible treasure, and even more creativity with base building. “But Jack, then there will be tunnels and holes every where!” Wrong again my friend, you see, unless the dug area is within your claimed area, there’s a severe rate of degradation on theae holes, tunnels, ect. We’re not talking piece by piece degrading either, one hole , no matter the size, counts as one entity, with a life span of 10 min. The timer on these holes restart with every shovel scoop. Could someone exploit this and keep a tunnel open out there in the exile lands? Sure, if they stay there forever. “But what if I’m running through the lands and decide to check out a pit I find but the time runs out while I’m inside?” Well you die of course, what did your mother tell you about going into strange holes? “People will just use this to expand rivers and lakes to greif other players”. Ah ah ah. Pull your shovel out near the water and start digging and you’ll see a wonderfully “cannot dig is this location” notification. “Then people will just dig down near water , then towards it”. Wrong again buddy, “cannot did in this location”. “Well then they’ll just dig absurdly deep holes”. Nope, they’ll be a depth limit and the wonderful “cannot dig in this location”. Same thing with in the same place as foundation, no floating building I’m afraid. Not say that you won’t be able to dig under foundation, just not the soil directly touching foundation.