Undermash Speedhack Landclaim

Will it ever be fixed at all official servers?

No need to ask me to use the instruction for the report. Whole last year I applied to support. Still no one of cheaters was punished. And im not alone with same situation.

I really like Conan Exiles, i believe that this issue will be resolved.


We can only hope this fix will come soon :^)

Cheaters will cheat though, if they fix this they will find another way to do it, they always do.

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But this isnt a reason to ignore them at all.


They will never fix it. They Focus on the new map

I dont think that new map will motivates people to play against cheaters again. I would like new content, but I know in advance that my game will be terrible because of them. It makes no sense even to try.

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i m agree with you, Mary they need to fix the problem with under map now so many players do this things now and it s not fair at all


TBH the reporting system is almost a scam, cos what help does it offer against hackers, when it takes 2-3 months before anything happens (if anything happens)

In that time, either creative players have already got rid of the hackers, or the hackers have made everybody move from the server…


This 100%

Hey there,

Let us address some of the claims mentioned in this post.

The new server rules and reporting were introduced in April this year. Please take a look at them if you have not to see how to report an infraction and what can be considered an infraction.

We have been testing the anti-undermesh features on Testlive for quite some time. Given the complexity of the fix and the number of active players testing those features, we are not advancing as fast as desired, but progress is being made. For more information about Testlive, you can check out its section here:

Please be aware that not every report is considered an infraction. Given also the high number of reports we are receiving per day, our team has to prioritize on where to act and where not.
Please also be aware that many people who report inaction from our end is because they want instant permanent bans against the people they report, no questions asked, or they want us to intervene in feuds against other clans that fall beneath an infraction. For how the suspensions are handled, please check our rules posted above.