Undermesh kill this game

Offi ps4 3167 all clan are undermesh. My clan stop because funcom make nothing. It’s verry bad for this game. Conan exiles is a verry good game but glitch and undermesh kill this game


Hi Korbo27, and welcome to the forums.

Funcom just released an anti-undermesh update on PC, and according to their findings, it’s working as intended. So they’re probably working as hard as they can to bring the same feature to the consoles, too.


So in 6-12 months people on consoles will have the same future, wihuuuu!

If they even manage to fix so people actually can play the game without crashes :slight_smile:

@dorpie - Realizing that your glass will always be half empty must really be a perpetual life trip to the liquor store. You have my sympathy.


Clan glory have been caught undermeshing official server 3151
check youtube for video name : GG GLORY
I don’t know how to report saw this video on discord yesterday would be great if someone could report them

be careful, you will be censored just like I was for a similar post … funcom believes it does us a favor in providing the server for online games, but forgets that we paid for the game and the countless dlcs that they release, and do not solve the so known glitchs …

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