Unground glitched archers

I have a base on pvp official server by the nbuto camp and there are constantly archers under ground glitched in mountain no way to kill them. Annoying enough having to hear constant arrows but thralls and greater getting killed and foundations getting destroyed are unforgivable. That plus bluescreen from too many thralls in base are real game breakers :disappointed_relieved:

I’m on official server 3552 built up really large by nbuto camp. Tried building walls around mountain just happens in another spot. Lost more thralls n resources to your glitches then an actual raid. Make enemies die or respawn if they leave the map because dealing with this glitch for over a month

I have tons of pets so not sure if the pets knocking them out the map inside the mountain is a thing but it constantly happens to me in this area in different mountains as well

Hey there, we apologize for this situation, could you please share the exact location or coordinates for the area where the NPCs are glitching into the map?

If possible, sharing a few screenshots or a video would also be extremely helpful, thanks!

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Happening right now official pvp server 3552 at 6H under the N’buto camp shooting arrows out the ground killing all my pets

We’re built up around npc camps up there had no idea be killed off by glitched archers we can’t get to to kill. Make it so arrows can’t come from out the ground and mountains. Please help

See all my pets bunched up getting killed I’m standing on a mountain getting killed from arrows coming from underneath me

We built that archer wall days ago to stop glitching archers now just shooting out the left side getting ridiculous honestly over a month different spots and mountains with underground archers wtf

Got be some type of fix for this because when a archer gets in the ground you can’t kill him and he will harass you the entire day

Have you tried poison arrows. I have killed npc stuck in rocks that way.

Thank you for the additional details @Danbowie, I’ve forwarded this information to the developers.

In the meantime, it might be best not to build so close to that specific location in order to avoid further conflict with those pesky archers!

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