Unity of the Rose players (returning long time player)

I wonder if there are still any left that still log on?
What about the mockers? Whisper’s edge? Phoenix rising?
Backyard 4 WA seems so stone dead cry

Anyways Hi I’m Kali and Oooooold bitter fixer with a horde of altitis alts, thought I’d say hi :slight_smile:

WB. I’ve seen a UOTR toon or 3 in the past few months. Always thought it was one of the better names for an org. Think the 20th Anniv event brought back a lot of nostalgia trippers. plus COVID…for a while AO was as busy as it was in 2008. Now I think we’re trending back down to the 1K players who never leave.

The official Discord channel is way busier then here-- Link is in the AO Launcher. or here:

Thanks yes I asked around in the discord channel too, seen some oldies there I remember
Good to see someone even remembers the name :slight_smile:

I did see you logged in, but got no answer. Well at least the bot is working. Spathilludic (UOTR/First Light)

I did see Tanisthonus during the anniversary. “[Unity of the Rose] Tanisthonus: I don’t think a world will ever enrapture me like Rubi-Ka, it’s nice to see it again. I think I’ll log out at Reets this time, for old time’s sake. I hope you remain well, and if anyone else from the org is still around, they do too”

Well, we talked together online, and I told you that UoTR is a part -like Athen Paladins- of The Alliance, a very active group of orgs that share a common chat relay too.

If you can’t set up your old bot to connect to our NEW chat relay, we can make a new bot for you. :slight_smile:
You just have to say. :slight_smile: Also you can join AP’s guest chat anytime you want.

We will be happy to help with everything so UoTR’s returning people can find a nice environment and rise! :smiley:

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Backyard 4… lovely. First Light fo life.

Hi Tokrika do you still see Soulstreamer.