Unnamed City Boss - The Watcher

While researching something for another thread, I noticed there is a new Unnamed City boss you can spawn via the Admin Panel called the Watcher. He is one of the Undead King guys who wields a Star Metal Warhammer. Does anyone know where he spawns in game? I’ve found all the rest, but haven’t seen this guy around.


No Idea how is called, but one Skell wit 2h Starmetal Hammer stay on a big Level above the red Dragon who drops Fragment of Power. These Level you can get only with climbing.

Thanks! I had not climbed up there to check. I’ll look for him tonight. Hopefully he won’t be too hard to reach in my Heavy Yamatai armor.

Just wanted to say thanks again. I climbed up the wrong place the first time, but I eventually found him.

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