Unofficial Server #1516 - PvE-C - AoC/Pickup+/Hosav's UI Mod - 3X Harvesting - NO WIPE/BACKED UP WEEKLY

Hello Everyone! We are proud to present our server, Unofficial Server #1516!

We are looking for player to come and join us and have some fun! The server is a PvE-C server, with time limited building damage and mods! The server map is the Exiled Lands. Active Admins/Moderators, and around 10 members so far. Below is some general information and the direct connect code. We also have a server discord set up with chat channels, QandA, trading, communal locations, help links, and more! Please come check us out and join the discord with the invite code provided in our daily message! Thanks everyone and Happy Gaming!

Direct Connect:

Server restarts are currently set to 2:10am and 2:10pm CST.

Max players allowed on server is 40

Max clan size is 10 players

PvE-C hours are 1700-2300 CST M-F+Sun, 1100-2300 CST Sat.

Building Damage is enabled from 1100-2300 CST on Saturdays. Raiding is only allowed if there is a verbal agreement between the parties involved.

Purge time is every day from 6pm to midnight CST

Avatar summoning time is 20sec, Avatar lifetime is 20sec

Harvesting multiple 3x

Crafting time has been lowered to 0.3

Thrall crafting time has been lowered to 0.5

Unconscious thrall time is 600sec

Mods Used: Pickup +, The Age of Calamitous, Stun Bow, Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - Revamped!

Another mod has been added! We now have the Shadow Dancer Mod!

This mod allows players to use dancers and give buffs, just like entertainers do. The buffs work on other players, not yourself. There is now also a bandage option with this mod. hold down E on a player, and if you have bandages in your inventory you can heal the player (and thralls/pets)!

We hope to see some people come join us and look forward to gaming with you! Happy Gaming Everyone!