Update 2.1 Steam Family Sharing setting changes

Dear Fancom I have a question. ‘‘Added a new server setting to disable the use of family sharing in a server. Its current default is AllowFamilySharedAccount=True. However, this setting will be disabled on official servers.’’ Can peoples with family sharing play on off servers or not?

Based on the wording, accounts using Family Share to connect will not be able to play on official servers.

In other words, you can only play on official server if you own the game. You cannot play on them if you are borrowing it through Family Share.

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The details are provided here:

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Hey Vlad,

I have moved this thread to the TestLive subforum, as the change for Dedicated Servers is currently on TestLive and the Official Server change will come into effect with its Live release. I’ve also changed the title to be more descriptive. Your thread will be seen regardless.

Narelle already posted the link to the announcement with all the details. I highly recommend reading that, but here’s the short answer to your question: only the accounts that have bought the game will be able to play on official servers. The accounts that haven’t bought the game will still be able play the game in single-player, co-op and on those private servers that allow it, but won’t be able to play on official servers.

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