Update 2.3.6 Patch Notes


  • Diviciacus passive Ritual of Oak now deals damage to attacking enemies.


Heavy Gloves:

  • Innate damage reduction reduced to 15%
  • Base damage of Heavy attacks reduced by 10%. Don’t panic, keep reading. The good stuff is coming.
  • Increased range of Power Left/Power Right to 5m
  • Defend reworked:
    • While channeling, the user is immune to CC (including interrupts)
    • Being attacked knocks down the attacker (once per attacker per Defend)
    • When Defend stops being channeled, the player receives Stalwart for double the duration that Defend was channeled
    • Stalwart reduces damage taken by 40%.
    • Anyone who attacks the Heavy while they are casting Defend, or protected by Stalwart, is affected by Intimidated.
    • Intimidated snares the target and prevents using active dodge. It lasts 3 seconds, and its duration is refreshed when the victim or the Heavy hit each other.
    • When the Heavy attacks someone they have Intimidated, damage is increased by 25%.

Balanced Gloves:

  • Increased range of Power Left/Power Right to 5m
  • Combo: Defensive Strike now provides 20% damage resistance, up from 10%, and now lasts 7 seconds
  • Combo: Harsh Impact now increases damage done by 25%, up from 20%, and now lasts 7 seconds
  • Combo: Follow Up now increases damage of the follow-up hit by 40%, up from 30%
  • Combo: Evasive Tactics now lasts 7 seconds
  • Passively heals 4% of maximum health every 3 seconds

Light Gloves:

  • Reduced radius of Roundhouse kick to 4m. It was far too easy to get off a Roundhouse while kiting an opponent - this change should make using Roundhouse more of an “in range” ability, and less of a “while fleeing” ability.