Update 2.5 come to Xbox

is there any forecast when the update will come to the consoles?

Possibly 2 weeks for xbox . Though, that’s just a guess.

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2 Weeks. + Certification + Failed Certification + Weeks of Silence & thanking for Patience = Round about Christmas🎅. Ho ho ho


This is just an estimate for another post
Devs words be more specific, I guess, and hopefully I don’t end up regretting this, but we hope to have 2.4.6 out in the next couple weeks maximum, to give an idea of what “near future” is. I know I’ve said something like this before and ended up being wrong, which I feel embarrassed about, so. Let’s all hope

Xbox has 2.46 already, PS still doesn’t. That’s was what that particular post was about

I’m not sure when we will get 2.5 on Xbox, they did say 2.46 and 2.5 will be delivered separately on PS as opposed to being rolled into one patch.

If I had to guess I’d say a month would be a decent estimate for 2.5 for Xbox.

As @Lucidique said, probably around two weeks. That’s the average for certification on consoles, so it’s a decent guess assuming it was sent in at the same time the PC patch was released. It can vary a bit though, and there’s always a chance that the console company might throw back a curve ball, such as the case with patch 2.4.6 on PS. But, there’s no reason to think that they will at the moment.

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