Update griefed all hard work in 5 min

Hello actually i need help now from devs or something…

The problem , my clan gathered so much??? for T3 surge (400+ chaos) and what happens ? Sudennly server says 10 min till restart when all fuel is done - there is screen

400+ fuel goes in void because u cant pick it out of altair, and all hard work also gone - u cant harvest 5 waves of surge in 10 min… so basically i atleast get back the ??? in game or backup or something? 1 week we harvested and then sudden 10 min restart just in time, cant pick out or anything…

Some refund pls? or atleast maybe warn 30 min before or make it possible to take chaos out… if servers restarting…

Hey @NeoTheMatrix

Conan Exiles doesn’t offer MMO-Like support and as such, we can’t provide refunds to materials or inventories lost.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

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