Update On Single Player Transfers?

I watched the Dev Stream and didn’t see any comment about single player transfers being enabled so that you could travel between owned maps at will. Did I miss something?

They said it wont be added to this patch (2.4) but would reach live a couple of weeks later from this next patch. It was one of the last things they talked about in the stream.

Thanks. I caught that part. But I couldn’t find any comments on single player ability to travel between maps and not lose everything…and also be able to return at will.

(Coming Soon - we are still developing and testing this feature and it is currently disabled ) Added new character transfer feature, from an Official server to another Official server, from an unofficial server to another unofficial server, or from an Official server to an unofficial server, from or to the Exiled Lands and Siptah (Unofficial servers will be able to disable this feature if they desire). We will release an announcement closer to the full launch of this update where we will provide more details about this feature.

  • Server transfers will work in this order: Official PVP → Official PVEC → Official PVE → Unofficial
    Meaning, you can transfer between the same level or to a level below. But not from below to above. Meaning, a PVP player can transfer to another Official PVP server, or to any other mode. An Official server PVE player, on the other hand, can transfer to another PVE Official server or to an unofficial server, but not to an Official PVEC or PVP server.

  • We will release a full announcement detailing how it works once we’re nearing the final launch of this feature.


You missed the part where they said that they are working on letting people keep their bases on the old server after transferring. Without this option, it would be totally useless, unless you are just body vaulting in PVP.

I guess we are having problems with our definitions here. Singleplayer means just on your own hard drive not connected to a server on the internet.

No information yet. I’ve been watching for it, too. Right now, their focus is on online server transfers. After that gets working, they “might” revisit single player map swapping. So, not the next patch either (if they do pursue that feature in the future).

Single play, they did not mention much about the transfers, but since transfers is not fully set yet, we will have to wait until they release more details about transfers for both servers and SP.

I’d assume SP transfers to anywhere would be unlikely, due to admin access. You could easily clone your EL SP character on a seperate Siptah SP save via admin, all you’d lose would be journey steps. Meanwhile, your EL SP character can relax and not have to worry that their thrall army and base will be instantly nuked.

On single play, you can just add Amunets Server Transfer mod. It works with Single play now with proper installation/setup.

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