Updated boat. Still needs work though

Still need to work on some features, but the overall format is pretty much there.
I am just holding on the work because I want to be sure some soon to be released update doesnt add boats to the game. Sure they would do something better than I ever.
The debug info can be hidden by using ESC.


Console players



Now put dangerous fish in the waters, sharks and alligators that attack and suddenly boats will be a sought after item!

Ive already seen thralls attempting swimming to follow you into the water also.

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I tried to go with a thrall in the boat, and she did swan from and to the boat. While it is irregular when she did that and when she simply stopped in the water and teleported when I reached land. That given the use of the boat without any other mod. My Thrall mod changes that slightly.

This is something I still will work once I have decided if I will add my own mesh for the boat or not. Because once I have the definitive mesh, there is a component to get the NPCs to “understand” they are in a boat and not standing in a placeable, so they will behave accordingly, but I need to have the mesh defined to work on them.

I have made a pre selection of the boats I want to put into action, and selected two models from the artists in the MarketPlace:

The thing is: I am waiting on the follow ups on the next content update from Funcom, because if they are adding water stuff, sure they make it better than I might, so no point in making that much effort on it until clearing that.

Meanwhile I am just updating the navigation subsystem that I use in several other features on the mods, so no wasted effort if this one turns out to be made into the game.