Updated cave locations map?


Can anyone point me to an up to date (or close enough) cave locations map? Getting bored with running around doing the same bosses.


My guide is current until the new areas are released. One of the caves does have two entrances. It is hot in that one, so make sure you bring water. the south entrance is not marked. There are some npc camps and a ruin above the cave. It is not far from the Mitra Shrine in the southeastern desert.

I did not label the locations on my maps. The other guides that had them I cannot access them on Steam any more. Steam gives page errors.


where is your guide?


Sorry, was late last night for me and I forgot to link it. I will be working on updating it over the next few days after the update.


all what you need https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/919175824810248815/A4530C435FB68541C40C31098948F32C5F5AB752/


My guide is formatted for those looking for them to discover the names on their own.