Updated ToC, finally

Ok, gotcha. Just realized its the Crevice. For me though, even if he has a door or not, I can walk over that pyramid and get the POI discovery point.

Thats why I dont think things like this should be ToS violations, but, thats just me.

Big thing is most people build on PVE like there are no rules, there are no limits. They build like there is only one rule, don’t block dungeon entrances.

My opinion is most people don’t read the TOS till they have been timed out and are looking for a way void or appeal it. There a 2 around the sentinels that I don’t see how they could have read the TOS and think their builds are OK.

How can you think it is ok to build from the bank on one side of noob river all the way up in to the cliffs on the other side, from the sentinels to the ruin bridge?

And why do people build like that? Because they know there wont be enough people on the server to report them enough for funcom to even investigate.

Just how many different people have to report a build, in what time frame, to actually get the TOS enforced? I mean that is why admin is all over PVP, clan reports. 5-6 people in a clan report a build and here comes the admin.

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I recently got banned for a 9 by 9 war pyramid around brimstone lake. The ban was 14 days and i got a respond on my ban appeal 20 days later. It said we got banned for ‘Claim spam’.

Atleast on console the report system dont make any sense.
We have 1 person that is known for reporting and he always claims that he knows a funcom mod wich he reports it to.

Wich makes sense for me, because there is not a single good reason in the ToC wich should get you banned for a war pyramid on the most common pvp location on pvp servers for years.

a guy on my server got banned for fps issues like this

Was that 9-by-9 “war pyramid” – whatever that is – the only thing you had on the whole server? If it wasn’t, then how do you know that was what Funcom suspended you for, and not something else?

People here still don’t understand, after so much discussion, that Funcom does not give you information about why they suspended you. All you get is a little message when you try to log in, giving you a generic ban reason like “abuse of building system” or something like that. And that’s if you’re lucky, because the system often doesn’t work and you get the message saying that the game could not retrieve the reason for your ban.

If you appeal, you might get a reply, and they might tell you something slightly more detailed, like “you were banned for claim spam”, but I’ve never heard anyone say, “Yeah, Funcom told me exactly what build broke the rules and how.”

So did they tell you that it was for the 9-by-9 pyramid? If so, you would be the first case I’ve ever seen.

Yeah, and I personally know @Cattibria, which is why I can ban you from the forums any time I want. :roll_eyes:

In case there’s any doubt here: I don’t actually know @Cattibria, I can’t get you banned, and I’m merely illustrating how easy it is to, you know, lie about things.

I wouldn’t know, 'cause I have no idea what a “war pyramid” is or where it was. And I also don’t know what else you had on the server.

Read as only 3 or 4? Not worth our effort.

This is a war pyramid.

The purpose of it is a quick means of protection from death and really only became popular once Last Stand was introduced with 3.0. It gives you enough time to save yourself during the buff.

There are mixed reviews on this of course as it prolongs battles and creates a “run away” mentality. Which is ok normally in some cases except this is what most people do.

Because people are people an opponent will often follow you into the top, trapping themselves.

Additionally, while pvping, if you are able to loot off a player, you don’t want to be in a position where you’re encumbered, or at least this was a big issue before the stamina change. So you place chests inside to quick depot - thus removing that kit from the opponent and gaining another for your team.

The war pyramids vary in size, some as small as 3x3 but often it is better to have 5x5 as in the picture or larger.

Often the goal of removing this problem is bombing the pyramid to stop those who are using it from running to save themselves.

Anyway, all this to explain what it is. If the person who brought this up is telling the truth then afaiac it was an illegitimate suspension/ban. Not saying that just because everyone does it makes it ok but that it has developed into a mechanism of pvp play. However we don’t have the rest of the info for now.


I have asked about this in the past privately. the answer I was given is that there are not any Funcom employees that are willing to lose their positions to play favorites when it comes to reports. If there is someone saying this in chat on your server, take a screenshot showing the chat and report them. Let the Funcom Help Center team handle the issue.


You forgot the trash talking afterwards by them because you know…the running and hiding is forgotten about. I can’t tell you the number of war pyramid clans call me a coward for having hidden bases. Hypocrisy is strong with the unskilled.

Thanks for explaining! :slight_smile:

I would agree that a “war pyramid” doesn’t break the rules per se. I wonder, though, if Funcom server moderators know that. I could see how someone who isn’t a PVP player would look at that build and deem it “purely decorative”.

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too hard to build one, do the raid, and then remove it, so it’s ephemeral and it doesn’t show up when they come to investigate.

Like you said: we don’t have the rest of the info. :man_shrugging:

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One…no. HOWEVER I have yet to see a PVP clan stop at just one. There are always others at key locations (brimstone, sinkhole etc) It could be claim spam if there are more than one.

So these are not used just for raids, often clans will put them around obs or their own bases. Especially on populated servers as encounters happen more frequently.

Loading into an ob and getting smacked immediately is common, so having a war pyramid is very useful.

Keep in mind that I’m not a huge fan of them as it’s a symptom of the combat changes > last stand. That superhero, double jumping build we’ve talked about in other threads is the cause.

I’m just getting into the groove right now of the new stamina changes and I suspect that war pyramids may start to disappear or at least be less common.

We use them but limit them to at our base, during a raid or an ob we frequent/know is a hot spot.

Like I said I’m not a fan. However, Funcom has clarified many times that multiple buildings are allowed and as long as they have a use that is ok. I can’t see these being claim spam and it shouldn’t shift because of lack of population or frequency of use.

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War pyramids remind me of some huts we used to use on this one server I played on a while back. They weren’t very big and made of just Black Ice. But they contained enough chests to hold loot during major fights so that the people in the base slowly lost their sets of armor. Otherwise they would loot their and our dead and keep coming out. The walls were only one wall thick and could easily be broken into, but we made sure to set them up just out of LoS of the base were were assaulting so they didn’t have a chance at it.

Once the fight was over, we pulled them down. But to be fair, I did get at least one complaint about it from a third party. But it was during an active raid so there was no harm and no foul. But being a private server, there was vastly different rules on how buildings were handled.

I suspect the reason the guy got hemmed up for a 9x9 base is because it was just foundations, walls, and ramps sitting there with no one using it. Which gets dinged for land claim. Which it technically does since no one can build there and the owners aren’t actively using it except irregularly. I dunno if it will help but putting crafting stations and some thralls or pets might help. If it looks like a base it won’t look like purely landclaim.

But I can also see where erjoh is coming from. Many clans use multiples of these, and when an admin logs in and see multiple clones of a building, that starts screaming Landclaim. Especially if they are devoid of features that make up an active base.

But even then I’d be careful because if a clan abuses this, and uses ‘raid bases’ or ‘war pyramids’ to land claim abuse thinking that they would slip in under the radar… well everyone suffers the consequences.

if you read the rules (some) cause of ban can easily be identified

Thanks for your respond CodeMage.

Besides the 9 by 9 pyramid, we had a base at G10.

If you wanna know how a normal war pyramid looks like, on youtube there are a decent amount of youtubers that show how to build them.

To answer your question on how i know the pyramid is the thing i got banned for.

I know its the pyramid, because a ban gets active after a server restart and since i was online before the server restart, i saw my pyramid got removed by the admin in my event log. :wink:

Since other clans their bases and everything got removed, we knew there was a ban wave coming, so we checked our event log. Our base was still there (Even when we was banned) the only thing that got removed and was visible by the event log, was our 9 by 9 foundations pyramid.

I even send a appeal to Funcom, they responded 6 days after my ban ended. I told them that they probably made a mistake, but there response was that it was claim spam. :man_shrugging:

With all respect CodeMage, but im not putting up a story here.
Im creating content for Conan, so this is the only reason i visit the forums with my story.
If i wanst creating content, i probably wouldnt put time in trying to get those kind of events to stop happening.

To add on, on my last comment ill added a screenshot of our event log.
The event log tells you what got removed, so if you get banned for claim spam and thats what they removed. Then it might be me, but i dont think you will get a more clear answer on what they considered claim spam. :wink:

Thanks Kikigirl for explaining the war pyramid concept.

As you can see in my last comment, ill added a picture of my event log.

In my ban appeal i explained Zendesk that the ban is probably wrong since alot of other people had alot of spam around that same area. (Wich spam i mean, serious spam with no other purpose then to prevent othere from building around that pvp area.)
Nor did i get a answer in time, my ban took 14 days and their response was after 20 days.

Ofc the enemy did show up 1 day after our ban to try and raid our base. (How did they know we got banned? Did the report us falsely? Probably a conspiracy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I play Conan for a good few years. I got banned for legitimate reasons.
I was one of the first Playstation content createre that got banned for fence stacking and made a video about it.
Rules change and bans happening, wich is all fine. But getting banned for a 9 by 9 pyramid at brimstone lake where everyone pvps, made no sense for us or any other pvp clans on that server.

Our base didnt get removed, but our pyramid did. :man_shrugging:

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A war pyramid is usually build around area’s where people pvp daily.

Most commen spots at the moment is brimstone lake and sinkhole.
Login on any active pvp server and you will find atleast 1. :muscle:

I wasn’t trying to imply that you were lying or intentionally misleading. I was trying to say that people often assume they know what they’re banned for, but their assumptions are rarely based on reliable information, since Funcom doesn’t tell you exactly why you were banned.

Yeah, that’s pretty conclusive. It seems your assumption was correct.

It also seems likely that the admins consider war pyramids to be spam and/or purely decorative.