Updating Crygaia as the resource it should be

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My mission as of late has been updating the Crygaia Wiki (crygaia dot org) to be the resource for players that it should be. Since the release of Secret World Legends, maintenance has fallen by the wayside. The state of it makes me sad. With Season 2 on the way, I figured now would be a great time to spruce it up with currently available Season 1 data, and not allow it to look like {Put Example Here> Coords: ■■■,YYY, ???.

But I can’t do it alone.

For example: With the help of Starfox’s DoubleAgent mod (Curseforge, SWL), I was able to update all mission lists to include Lair missions, and update all Lair mission articles with all faction debriefing (reward) messages. I was also able to SWL-ize them with the correct current information about rewards, coordinates, zones, etc and create item pages for the Essences. I originally did this to make the pages a resource tool for story and lore nerds.

I also just made sure that all non-bestiary Legend (Lore) pages were correct and up to date, at least to compete with TSWDB (legacy)…!

However, the main goal is to bring everything on Crygaia up to date, and up to standards. This requires a lot of in-game hunting, datamining, and wiki work bringing consistency to each article. While I can update the wiki where I have resources available, I’m still only one man.

To lay out what this means:

  • Making sure all relevant articles are separated from their old TSW versions (crygaiadotorg/example_page/tsw) and made into new SWL versions with SWL-related information, such as correct XP and shard reward amounts, mission tiers and guides, etc.
  • Making everything looks neat, efficient, and consistent in style using wiki templates that have been set up for this.
  • Making sure each mission/lair has correct information, and useful guides/walkthroughs.
  • Any resource tool for players, whether for story purposes or gameplay purposes, is represented and clear.

So what can you do to help?

  • Update the wiki yourself or somehow provide me with any data you may have for any section you have a particular interest in. For example, if you run NY Raid at a higher level, please provide information on how to run through those elite levels (how to do this and where provided below). Be as detailed as possible!
  • If you can provide good screenshots, that is also something lacking on Crygaia at the moment.
  • Provide information either to me via dm, or discord privately. Discord account is [MZ]Joseph? #6093.
  • Make a Crygaia wiki account and update the wiki yourself if you understand wiki code or think you can figure it out. I for one did not “know” wiki code-- I learned by copying what I saw or using templates available for everyone.

This post is also made to point out that the Crygaia wiki is being updated for those of you that are singleplayer lore/story nerds and cannot run missions such as lair missions, raids, seasonal events, etc. and would like to read any and all supplementary backstory available in these pieces of content, or if you’ve done this content all before and do not have the time or patience to do it again. I hope this helps!

This has been a PSA.



Being an admin on a large wiki not related to SWL, I spend far too much time looking at MediaWiki markup to even want to think about touching Crygaia with a 10-foot pole. The whole place is full of dead articles that not only are not relevant to SWL, but even the TSW related info is outdated and had never been updated, or in some cases, never filled in at all.

It would be nice if more than one person would buckle down and commit to it like you do. It really only takes about a dozen committed and well organized people to revamp a Wiki the size of CryGaia.

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I’m not sure about doing major revisions, but I did notice a few errors in some of the mission and progression guide articles, which I’m open to correcting. I’ve never done any wiki editing before, so I’m not sure what’s involved.

I also made a Solomon Island story write-up for my personal use, by compiling information from the game and from several user-created lore articles, which I could add if/when I get the time to polish it.

I have a screen shot to send to you, and tried to find you on discord, but when i search for your account give me error. I dont know how to work with the wiki code but i dont mind to help with screenshots and etc.

I don’t know if any of the original CGN staff list are still around, but it should be possible to activate the visual editor feature on crygaia. Having a more familiar WYSIWYG interface may increase the number of editors and contributors, but I’m not sure just anyone is able to activate it atm.

I’ve been working on updating Crygaia articles (and I wrote the story progression guide), it’s slow work really since I need to basically run the missions and then go through all the mediawiki markup.

(That’s not to say more help wouldn’t be appreciated lol)