CryGaia Wiki Down?

Does anyone know what’s happened to the CryGaia Wiki website?

I keep getting an error message (“This site is experiencing technical difficulties”) when I try to access the site (

Thanks …


Me.Its down for me too.

It has been down since at least Monday, I wanted to look for lores coordinates, but …


It’s maintained by @Vomher and is an excellent resource.


Could the person in charge of CryGaia have just shut it down? I mean, I’d have hoped they would have given some warning if they were going to, but.

Kinda bummed if it doesn’t come back. I liked having the progression guides to refer to.

TSWDB is indeed an excellent resource, but it is not complete. There is information not found on TSWDB that is/was on CryGaia. (And the other way around too - TSWDB has some stuff not found on CryGaia)

TSWB is good for gameplay info, but CryGaia is unique in their information on the world and the story. They provide transcripts of most of the in-game dialog, which helps a lot in piecing together the complex facets of the story.

TSWDB’s mission database is not nearly as broad and complete as CryGaia’s, though TSWDB has more depth for some subjects.

Does anyone know how to contact the administrator’s of CryGaia? Given how extensive a site they are, I would think that they might have some contact with Funcom.

I was on there just a day or so before the site went down, and didn’t see any warnings. Generally when a website is shut down, there’s some kind of message on its homepage even after it’s shut down.

I don’t know if @BlastArm is still working on CryGaia (or if they have admin access), but they were the last person I’d heard of doing lots on it (and doing an excellent job!).

Thanks, AWOL. I sent BlastArm a PM to see if they know anything.

I also know someone involved with Crygaia, haven’t seen’em on in awhile, though. If I do, I’ll drop them a line.

I think it’s been over a week now. Is there anything we can do? If the person that owned the site made a gofundme or whatever I would donate for server costs. Or maybe they could just make the content public so we can use it. I only started Secret World Legends a little over a week ago and enjoyed the Progression Guide on CryGaia that helped you get through all the missions in a zone in a way that made sense story wise.

For now, cached versions of the pages still exist. I don’t know if it’s all of them or not, but I’m able to reach some of the progression guides at least. Would people want me to make backup copies of them in, like, Google Sheets or something?

Definitely I would love to see that for City of the Sun God and Transylvania. I didn’t have any luck finding the actual progression guides through wayback machine. I guess it’s too deep a link?


The Wiki has always been… eh… behind. It’s info is never maintained and upkept. The only thing it really has of note is some of the history of the game. The pre-launch ARGs and some of the post-launch ARGs as well as some historical info about TSW.

Using it for in-game lore or mission help is just ridiculous, though, considering TSWDB exists.

Here you go.

Hope that works anyway. If you can think of anything I should add or edit, let me know.

Sorry. I’d been trying to get the mission pages updated for the last few months, it’d just been kind of slow going.


Well, actually, there are quite a bit of information to be found on CryGaia that is not on TSWDB. Including help for some missions - TSWDB has far from complete coverage of missions.

I would also donate to a GoFundMe or similar if that would help bring the Wiki back.

Very true. I’ve played SWL through to the Shadowy Forest, and CryGaia has been invaluable. While TSWDB has more detailed walkthroughs, they don’t cover all missions.

In addition CryGaia has a lot more information on the lore, the story, and the world. They also provide transcripts of character dialogs, which is super useful in understanding all the complexities of the story.

I’m not sure that other poster thought the information was useless and out-of-date - I’ve used the Wiki extensively, and found virtually nothing that was incorrect.