Are there good Fan Sites?

Are there any decent fan sites that help with quests? Possibly with maps?

THE best place for guides.


This is from the old game, but still relevant.

NEVERMIND, every click redirects to spam/spyware ѕhit.

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Oh the memories. That was a cool site

I’ve actually found the problem. The links don’t direct to, instead they redirect to which has been snatched up by some spam/scam people. I’m sending an email to the contact info. Who knows if the person who ran it is still around or cares enough to fix the links.

In addition to you may want to look at which has some information not found at TSWDB (and vice versa), and perhaps also at which hasn’t been updated for SWL but most of the information there should still be useful.

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Might be worth pointing out that even on, you’ll want to try the Legacy Website for TSW. Much of the information there - like dozens and dozens of mission guides and lore/legend location guides - still applies in SWL, but hasn’t been updated for the new game’s site yet.
(And I’m not sure it ever will be, tbh; re-running everything just to document things with SWL screenshots would probably have to be more fun than it currently is.)

Thank you,everyone :slight_smile:
Maybe now,I’ll be able to complete some missions,like --The Vision,tier 5 lol

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I got lucky with that - I’d read the plaque on the bridge right before I started that mission :smiley:

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