How to Contact the Owners of Crygaia?


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I’m trying to find out how to contact the owners/maintainers of the Crygaia database/wiki. Does anyone know how to do this?

I see the wiki is still accessible, though most of the SWL links (pages?) have problems. However the TSW equivalents of the SWL pages are still accessible, by adding /tsw to the end of the SWL URLs.

I’d like to see this database preserved - it’s the only site that preserves the in-game dialog, which makes it an irreplaceable Lore resource. And the walkthroughs are still some of the best around.

What I’m hoping for:

  1. I’d like to ensure the entire site is archived somewhere to prevent the information ever being lost. I’d love to keep a copy myself. I’m happy to donate towards this.
  2. I’m willing to donate to anyone willing to fix the errors preventing the SWL pages from being displayed.
  3. I assume someone is paying for the database to be stored on a server, and I’d be happy to donate towards those costs, too.



This archive is a few years old, but should be pretty solid.


Replace ‘dot’ in that with an actual dot, since this forum apparently doesn’t want me to be helpful.

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Thanks - that looks like a great source.
I downloaded the wiki, but I’m going to have to do a little experimentation, since the 7z archives had a bunch of errors when I tried to extract them with WinZip.

I’ll have to either get 7Zip or try downloading the torrent instead.

PS: I think the reason you couldn’t post the link was because this is your first post in these forums. I edited your URL in the quote and the forum allowed the link to post.

I’m not sure what the rule is, but after you make a few more posts, the link restriction should go away.

I was one of the moderators and maintainers of the wiki several years ago, is there any way that I can help you get access to the info without being the person hosting? I can’t remember how I used to get in touch with the owner, but I’ll rack my brain and see if I can come up with their contact info.

Ah, it was Hsekiu on the wiki. According to their user profile their email address is (was?)