CryGaia Wiki Down?

That would be awesome. I’d like the progression guides for Transylvania, Tokyo and South Africa, when you get a chance.

Alternatively, if you could post links to the cached pages, I can grab the info myself.

Thanks for being so helpful!

PS: do you happen to know why the site is down?

There’s navigation to the various areas at the bottom.

I’ve just been getting them through Google’s CachedView. But no, I don’t know anything more than anyone else does, sorry.

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It actually does. Most of the missions from SWL that aren’t on TSWDB can be found on the legacy version of the site because most things remain the same between TSW and SWL. It’s mainly just the story missions (which are all on TSWDB) that changed. A few other missions here and there, but most of those are on TSWDB already.


Misión is already covered and there are some nice stuff like lore/agent covered in TSWDB,but it falta one thing,that is landmark coordinate,for the achievement Vagabundo.I still remember it took me ages to find where the true sacred heart lake is,crygaia had coordinate.

Both sites are indispensable and complementary. :slight_smile:

Maybe if the CryGaia administrators don’t want to take care of it anymore, other people would agree to take over?
If we could at least contact them …

After the Wiki died the first time and was only barely recovered, I would hope that someone has a full rip of it by now. If not then I suppose it wasn’t as important to the community as everyone thinks. :man_shrugging:

There are plenty of free Wiki hosts out there (albeit with cancerous ads) where it could be mirrored.

Do you know who might have a rip of it then? Or could you explain how?

In case anyone needs it, Crygaia has come back up within the last day or so.


that’s good news :slight_smile:

though if someone could make a rip of it, that might be handy :smiley: (just in case!)

I see CryGaia is back, but I still want to thank you again for your kindness in providing a web home for the progression guides.

Do you have any idea what happened? Why it left, and why it returned?

And more importantly, if there’s anything we can do to ensure its future preservation (donations, etc)?

How would we do that? I’m happy to volunteer to store a backup copy.

Sorry, I don’t. I don’t have any particular connection to the people in charge of it.

Well thanks for the help you provided until it came back up!

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