Updating the game by logging into Steam account

With some kind of patch, such and such a thing began. Every time I switch to another Steam account, my Conan is updated. About 2 gb. It loads the channel, takes time. So sometimes I don’t play Conan, but the update still happens. A number of games I have on another account, Steam refuses to transfer them to the main one. Therefore, I have to re-enter. Is it possible to somehow remove these constant updates of the game. A few months ago, this was not the case.

Do you have some mods subscribed to on one account and not the other?

You have some DLC on one account and not on the other account.


Yes, but this has never happened before. And I just log into the Steam account and don’t launch anything.

Something is weird on your end. I use two Steam accounts without issue. The only time I’ve noticed this is if one account is subscribed to mods the other is not.

Is the path to the Steam library the same on both? Have you tried validating the files or even reinstalling the game?

One acc was signed for mods. I specifically deleted subscriptions. The paths are the same, that is, physically one copy of the game. I checked the files specially today. Anyway. I’ll try to rearrange it one of these days, thanks. But before, neither the difference in DLC nor subscriptions had any effect.

I reinstalled the game, deleted everything from its folder. All the same. As soon as I log in to another account, Conan starts updating by 2 gigs. Even if I haven’t played it. I did a file check both there and there. There are no subscriptions. DLC is different, but it didn’t hurt before.

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