(US)Crom’s Forge Server PvP /x4Gather/2x-XP

FTG Clan has ventured into High adventure into the Exiled Lands. The Server operates a modified Fair PvP Rule set, please take a moment to view the rules. Server has DLC give-away events, and with the 1st year Anniversary coming soon there’s gonna be more give away events.


  1. Language and attitude issues & banter are fine, so long as it doesn’t get too personal and taken out of Game/Discord context and isn’t Toxic.
  2. No Walling off or building over massive areas/preventing vital or mass Resources or Bosses from spawning or other important items from being obtained. This Includes placing random pillars or structures to prevent players from building or playing the game.
  3. No Hacking or Cheating or glitching/Duping via exploits, undersmeshing etc to gain an advantage.
  4. No Bullying people off the Server by being a ■■■■■, Once the Admin gets involved in these matters it will be resolved.
  5. Player Combat & Stealing are enabled So Watch out!
  6. Base Damage is Enabled when Clan/Players are Online.

  • Discord Available Space for news & Updates related to the Server and the game.

Feel Free to Join the Discord for Voice Chat or to join the Clan if you wish. Special Conan Exiles Roles can be given!

  • Updated the Name of the Server to currently reflect the browser’s name
  • Also XP rate is 1.8 not 1.5

Some updates

  • Updated the Discord to reflect the new location of the Discord’s Home

  • Cleaned it up with a complete full list of rules & other information.

  • Made some further adjustment to undo the last ones

  • New Banner!

This is a terrific server! Perfectly modded in my opinion and not toxic. Admin is on just enough if you have any problems and no admin abuse! Come play!

Server was Recently wiped when the DLC came out. So it’s fairly fresh and very active server!