[US-E] Algurts Fun House 2xGather/1.4xXP/Admins/New players welcome

Algurts Fun House with 2x gather and 1.4x XP gain PC
Server Name-Algurts Fun House
2x Gather 1.4xExperience
Us-East 60 slots

This server is Vanilla meaning No Mods are Required to join

Brand new server, aiming to be a laid back and active community. While aiming to be a PVP server, the server is still fresh so anything can happen! Plenty of slots open, so come take a peek into the server and see what you like!

Server building damage is timeslotted to 19:00-02:00 Eastern time on weekends. This however might change, whether it be weekend times, or if time is to be added during the week.

Please join our discord- (can’t post links apparently)
This discord is pretty new so there wont be any bells and whistles yet.
Server can be searched Algurts Fun House or

I hope to see some faces here soon! Come join in the fun with open slotted server!
Server is brand new so there is plenty of expansion!

https://discord.gg/Ey6KnSA Discord link