Tired of being bullied off other servers by other clans or PVP’ers? Come try a more relaxed type of gameplay with Ironfrost Gaming community. Our IFG Relaxed PVP-RP server is run on a DEDICATED server, not a third party rental. We have active admins, who while they do play the game, they DO NOT participate in any PVP, nor do they give handouts or play favorites. Their job is to police the server for hackers, bug abusers and rule breakers. They also run events!

IFG runs monthly events such as Godwars, Battle-Globes, and King of the Hill! We have many Admin built outposts that offer the players a safe place to role-play throughout the different biomes/areas of the Exiles map.

At IFG we use the Pippi User and Server Management Mod. Be sure to check our website for full server info.

Here are some of the Server settings;

Harvest Amount Multiplier 2.0
Combat mode: Player vs Player
Experience Multiplier 1.0 (for now)
Thrall Conversion Multiplier 1.0
Item Conversion Multiplier 0.5
Restrict PVP Damage: ON
Building Damage Weekday Start 15:00
Building Damage Weekday End 03:00
Building Damage Weekend Start 15:00
Building Damage Weekend End 03:00
Characters do not stay in the game when logging out.
No global chat, only local and guild chat.
Item Spoil Rate Scale 0.7
Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier 2.0
Max Clan Size 8

So come join us at IFG Relaxed PVP/Rp!

Server IP;

Website https://www.ironfrostg.com/