Using my existing Funcom Account, how do I create an Age of Conan Account?

Hi having trouble trying to figure out hoe to start a age of conan account from my existing Funcom account, the “choose account” dropdown shows AO and TSW but no AoC. Actually it is showing Age of Conan now but wasnt before, but still have the same problem after selecting it as below.

When i go to the Conan website and log in it just brings be to the account management very similar to AO and i bump into the same problems.

When I try to create a new account it says my username is already taken, makes sense because i already have a Funcom account.

And when i try to Add A Game, Age of Conan is not an option to be added

Any idea how to get it going?

That does sound really odd. I would think you could just download the game and log in with your existing account, but I haven’t looked into AoC in quite a long time, so I can’t say for sure.

At any rate, you’d probably be better off asking this question on the AoC forum. This one is for Conan Exiles. :wink:

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I actually just figured out the problem; on the conan account page theres a big picture that tells you some info, apparently i was supposed to click on the picture but i dont remember andthing telling me i was supposed to do that, i dont normally just go around just clicking pictures… But thanks.

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