Vagabond armor no wanderlust after relog. Climbing at half speed when changing armor

Bug Description:

Voidforge Vagabond armor doesn’t show wanderlust after new login. Climbing speed is half of normal

Bug Reproduction:
Wear full Vagabond armor modified with medium armor plate. Quit game, log back in. Wanderlust doesn’t show. Wear a different armor and try to climb. Climbing is at half speed.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Can you share with us if this was experienced on an Official server or single player?

We await your reply.

I have had this problem as well on officials. When you log back on, the effect isn’t active and you have to remove a piece of the armor and put it back on again to get it to activate again.


This bug occurs after logging in again while wearing the Vagabond armor.
Even when taking off a piece the climbing speed only returns to normal.
When taking off an armor piece it’s half speed.
To fix the issue you need to log off, log in and re-equip the armor.

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