Values for Heavy armor didn't change, is this a bug or what?

Except for nerfs, then they are…

Sums up perfectly, how lazy Funcom is… As long as it is “bad” for player, nothing will be changed (=put work/time in it).

Uhhhh, i know people who still have day 1 Silent numbers, as well as a few with Sword of Crom. so Ignasis is correct about the past not retroing fixes. Thralls, yes, but weapons and armor, not all the time to my knowledge.

Change it. Its not HARD, its just work. Thats it…

No weapon has suddenly a random dmg-value or ap-value. If the weapon with dmg mod has 97dmg and currently it can have only 72dmg, then it should have 72dmg. Without dmg mod, -6. With Ap mod, more ap, etc.

Thats not rocket science. The weapons didnt have random or strange dmg-values suddenly after a patch.

But you were stating a false hood that they retro purposely to hurt players. Very untrue. Hyperbole. Again, anger is one thing, and not liking something another. but creating a false narrative is not the way to fix anything, and makes post like that just throw away opinions for me.

Ok, some time in the past they didnt change it. But as long as I play this game (~5months) it was like that.

Cannot say things about SoC or silent legion, because that was all before my time.

As LONG as I play it, it was like that. Nothing false with that statement.

Fair enough. I just want to make sure when there something both negative or positive, it is backed by facts. I understand 90% of posts are opinions, but using overstatements will just mute ones opinion for me, even when they have legit concerns, suggestions, or ideas. I will tend to just start skipping their posts all together.

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