Vampire, PLEASE bring Vampire!

So we have the jhebbal sag religion which includes werewolfs.

Now its Time for a other Religion (if u need a idea take a godness Akivasha) let her be the MOther of Vampires. For those who oppose a vampire religion are just an argument that actually surpasses everything, religions have always been made by man!

So what need FunCom

  1. Fangs (easy to create)
  2. Blood drinking Animation (also easy to add into the Game)
  3. Altar (also Easy to add)
  4. Avatar (need time but no big Thing for FunCom)

Items or Armor are all secondary!

But what we have there is a NEW DLC (i guess 10$ - 30$ are welcome for us players too)

Pls Funcom take a short time to see which benefits the company would have through such a DLC, not only that large parts of the community would be enthusiastic but also a financial gain for Funcom This DLC can be followed by various content, etc.


I really hope FunCom would write something too

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Please, no vampires. Just no.

I really dislike answers like that (No Vampirese. Just NO)
Please tell your arguments.
Otherwise you would like that Statement too? Bodin has a terrible Avatar!
I hope u see that is not constructive.

But for all of u we speak months before also around Vampire
see that Topic Vampires And Vampire God 2

Conan books had a vampire, so Conan Exiles could have A vampire. I’m all for adding a boss with an appropriate biome/dungeon as long as there arent any player vampires.


i wonder how vampire will work knowing 90% of the server have short to zero night

As a npc boss why not but alvalable for player ? no thx that would make no sence x)

So the weeknes of sunlight is na problem? Also werewolfs run around without fullmoon.
Would be amazing have werewolf and Vampires as races

Okir dokie.

So for starters I support a Vampire boss, quest giver, or storyline featuring akivasha, and moar beards.

Im also gonna need a dlc pack with Kevin Sorbo statues if you feature akivasha. Seriously funcom @Jens_Erik Kevin Sorbo statues please. Heck weedle um into an Atlantean dlc.

But as far as player vampires and werewolves, thats gonna be a no for me dawg. So for me the Hyborian setting thematically is low fantasy with elements of cosmic horror. Do vampires and shapechangers fit in cosmic horror? Not really. Do they fit in swords and sorcery? Totally. That being said what works for me in the setting is the predation of humanity by vampires. The small village thats under attack, the kingdom ruled by an undead king, the dieing on a battlefield being hunted. As the players, vampires and werewolves are something we shouldnt become or ally ourselves with. In that scenario we start adding personal horror that the system cant adequately narrate. All it would translate out to for the players are buffs and debuffs. Theres no narrative for the personal horror that comes from being in bed with a monster or becoming one yourself in game.

Now if sorcery is added and has say skill trees and one of those happens to have necromancy and you play a stygian … well feel free to roleplay whatever you want. But as far as adding an actual class or race … i dont think its that kinda game.

But I will be playing the f out of VtM: Bloodlines 2. I strongly recommend the first one from the early 2000s. That will definitly scratch your i wanna play a vampire itch! :slight_smile:


Wonderfull Answer. thx a lot.

I’m from a fantasy roleplay server we love that kind of stuff and the last DLC was a plus for us.
That’s why we hoe for a DLC like that.

Btw. Vtm i had played 2k Hours and the next big thing i will play 4k :slight_smile: or more^^

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I support Akivasha being brought into the game.

But if she is I doubt she would bring an option for players to become vampires.

Jhebbal sag didn’t allow for werewolf players, just those beastly claws

So I would be ok with vampire esque weapons, life drain sword or daggers etc.

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Skyrim has player vampires, not just a boss. Infection creates its own faction.

Now, if infection also kicks people from a clan, then it sounds barbaric.

Please, no werewolves. Just no.

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I’d accept and understand as an adversary or NPC, but don’t think it’s in theme for a player option.

1warm scary

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Playable races are cosmetic.

Add vampires, and you are gonna get people demanding special perks or treatment from it. They will piss and moan if they don’t get to be somehow enhanced over normal humans, because they are vampires.

Same reason were characters aren’t gonna work. Don’t believe me? Go look in the suggestions category, where this should have been posted to begin with.

A member of the forum routinely makes the suggestion of were players, that are drastically overpowered, with few to no weaknesses at all.

If you’re fine with vampires for players being solely cosmetic, then by all means.

If you expect them to get perks to make them more than human, then no, it shouldn’t be added.


jhebbal sag followers aren’t werehyenas, they just use a temporary weapon called claws that are kinda silly tbh, i don’t mind at all having a vampire religion but it’s pointless at this current version of the game, religion system needs a revamp, but having more options never hurt, if they are balanced.

I just hope vampires, if added, to be just npc and enemies, not a player condition.

As well they should. Kinda pointless if the only thing it does is give you pointy teeth. The Darfari do that all on their own without the aid of the supernatural.

Vampires need something that put them a step above humans on the food chain. But for gameplay purposes, it obviously would need balanced out with weaknesses. Something severe enough to make the decision meaningful, but not so severe that you’re just gimping yourself if you become one.

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oh that easy , here what you do use time of day once time of day reaches to what consider night time increase conan Savage stat by +3 and your eye glow red you can see night time better then most … but during the day you are -3 and your passive hp regen are completely stopped unless if you eat blood … if you eat demon blood then you temporary get a 15 min boast to your night time ability during the day but you lose 5% of current health per 10 second … There its balance its fun and it just works

Asking for vampires when we don’t even have sorcery yet. -_-

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LOL if balancing was easy, this forum would be incredibly boring ^^