Vanir RP Town Build on PS4

A Vanir town build from our server. The concept was to try and keep the snow covered over the middle part to give it more of an organic realistic look. Location at E12.

Centre area of town

Center area of the Town, focused on the stable area.

Front gate

Side of the Town, back of temples

Back of the town, viewing the main hall.

Front of the main hall.

Inside the main hall

Side view of the main hall

View from the main hall to the center of the town

Template Build


Very nicely done

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If you want to visit this build you can do so here:

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How does pvp actually works in your server? I do respect the fact that you have a discord page and i can find all the explanations i need there.
But please give more info here too! Thank you!

As it’s RP they need a reason to raid another player. e.g Player has attacked you or his created trouble for your character and you seek revenge. This is why we do RP write-ups so the team can monitor there actually a valid reason to raid and they not just on the server for pure PvP. Players also must raise a ticket on discord before they raid, so we can double-check everything. It feels like a lot but we have to be sure builds are protected from mindless raiding. System currently works fine and raids are pretty rare.