Vanishing Corpse still a bug.....seriously

No need to explain really. Since launch of Conan if you die then good luck finding your corpse. How is this not easily fixable. How is it ignored ALL this time. This is why playing on Unofficial servers is better. When the admin makes it to were you don’t lose all your inventory when dying cuz you can’t fix your vanishing corpse bug. THAT’S a PROBLEM. It isn’t as hardcore as I’d like but I have to settle with it. Also the lag is SO much worse on Official servers. Why?


This bug like 90% of the most annoying bugs that were present at day one.
I honestly don’t take pleasure criticizing Funcom, but the lack of progress fixing obvious and gamebreaking -oh no wait, someone will come and scold me because the true definition of gamebreaking is that your pc/console must explode bringing down the building you are in with it- …where was I ? oh yes, the lack of progress in fixing obvious and gamebreaking bugs is really appalling.

I have not run into this big for a very long time but now my body disappears every time I die. I must relog or get it to render elsewhere and come back then it’s showng up 75% of the time

I can confirm I’ve seen about the same percentage or worse. Friends were able to see body. I still was. Not able to find a corpse after a long run from the body and back and a relog.

I may be way off here as I’m in no way qualified to speak to this, but from what I’ve read it seems to me that this is a persistent issue due to the way in which the map itself was created. In other words, it is probably related to why mounts were postponed/indefinitely delayed and why things so often disappear into the map (like those thralls you’re draggin’ home).

From what I gather, they had too little time allocated to them to create such an ambitious game, and were compelled into some tech path choices that came back to bite them in the a#s later.

Long story short, it’s created a set of very difficult technical problems to fix, and who knows if Funcom (the company, not the devs) will devote the funds necessary to eventually engineer a solution, or even if the best possible solution would be wholly adequate.

If anyone can enlighten me as to how I am mistaken in this, I’d be obliged.

Robarbarian, you are very much right.
That Funcom poorly designed the game is a certainty, and it seem to me that also the technical expertise to fix ingame macroscopic problems is simply not there, or not in a sufficent amount anyway.
The condition of the game after such long period from official release speaks loud.

Yeap u can still see when u drag thralls they want slowly sink on ground… Seems it behaves like if u run on water with them. think one way fix it be not let Binding stretch so long.

I think the funcom devs have plenty of talent and expertise, it’s truly impressive what they managed to actually achieve in so short a time… but yeah, whether they have what it takes to fix the problems created by rushing development… I guess we’ll see.

I’m anticipating that Funcom management will eventually decide that it isn’t ‘cost-effective’ to put money into researching the necessary solutions, though I would strongly argue that doing so will hurt their company badly in the long run. A lot of people, myself included, really love CE and are being very patient with the state that it’s in, but that good will will evaporate if Funcom doesn’t do what’s right by the game and its players. Word of mouth is extremely important for games in the modern internet era. CE has captured quite a lot of attention for their company, they shouldn’t do something shortsighted with that focus.

I really hope that I’m wrong.

I agree with you about the “plenty of talent and expertise” if we talk about Funcom Artistic department, which is one of the main reasons I am still around struggling with the game, the concept is groundbreaking, the lore is good (of course it is…is Conan), love levels design, the enviroment is alive and immersive, love the soundtrack very much.
But I don’t agree with your definition when we speak about technical development of Funcom games.
As an old player of Conan online I can tell you these kind of coding misshapes are in Funcom dna, and again its a pity, because everybody would like to play smoothly, or at least not in a frustrating way, the game we love.

Hmm, so two games with flawed technical implementation vs the achievement of what they have actually created. Is that a fair way to put it?

You might well be right and I am overreaching with my analysis, as I have no experience with Funcom prior to this game. It still impresses me that they were able to create CE, as flawed as it is, in under two years with a modest sized team. That seems pretty bonkers to me. There’s some seriously cool stuff going on in this game.

I don’t understand how they could actually create what they have if they don’t have sufficient expertise, yet I’m not sure of what’s going wrong either, there are quite a few ways in which a gaming company can be dysfunctional. Poor management/process can have a huge effect. I don’t think either of us are in a position to know what the root causes are here.

I came across this comment the other day on reddit that I thought was so interesting, I kept a copy of it. People were speculating about CE and Funcom much as we are now and someone opined,

"Standard Funcom. They design amazing sh#t, then execute poorly, release it too early, then end up with a great product several years after everyone left.

They really are awesome designers, they just can’t seem to bring their concepts to life well enough or quick enough”

Seems legit.

So what’s going wrong? You suggest it’s technical incompetence, but why do you think this? How have you ruled out other potential causes?

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