Vanity armor query for Dark Templars

This armor is the flagship armor for Dark Templars (it’s the set they wear in all the promotional images). Does anyone know if it exists in-game, and, if so, how to obstain it? I can’t upload an image of it because I am a new user - but it’s the armor that you see on the Dark Templar class when you look it up under “world” on the AoC Unchained official website.

The artist who first rendered it apparently named it “Aquilonian Splintmail.” Google it and you’ll see what I mean.

You can use mostly graymist crafted barb armor (lvl 80).
the helmet is the Mask of Conajohara from Iron Tower.

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As Cappa said, the set can be mostly made from crafted Graymist pieces, however there are no wrists for that set.

Except for the helmet, It is also the Wildstrider ranger set that drops in Onyx and Atzel’s Fort (including wrists).

Also, the Wildstrider and Graymist shoulders are of different appearance, although you can’t see which model is used in the DT pic to which you refer.

The cape is Heavy Jovian cape from Crow’s nest.

The sword is T1/T2 guard sword, which DTs can buy from reliquary.

Unfortunately the awesome looking shield is the T3 crafted Mirror of Shadow.

Some alternate pieces to those mentioned above, that I know of are:

Chest: Griefscale harness (Sanctum)
Belt: pureblood girdle (Scorpion cave nm)
Boots: dominator’s boots (Scorpion cave nm)
Shoulders (Graymist model): utility shoulders (T2 quest reward)
Wrists: Fleshmender’s bracers (Crow’s Nest)
Gloves: bloodrune gauntlets (crafted), battleflight gauntlets (quest reward from Mairin in Atzel’s Approach)

I’m sure there are some other alternate pieces, but I can’t think of them right now.



Grifscale it is slightly different from the Graymist.
I think it’s even better, there’s a small griffin’s head in the chest that the graymist doesn’t have